The story of BORLEY

Imagine... You are outside, in your garden. Together with the people you love. You hear the birds singing. You feel the evening sun on your skin. And you smell the delicious meal you are about to enjoy. That feeling is what we want to bring you with an outdoor kitchen.

How it began

At BORLEY, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the outdoors and the feeling it brings. That's why we offer people-oriented service and quality products that help make that happen. Our outdoor kitchens have a unique and stylish look and add an extra dimension to being outside.

We stand for taste

All our outdoor kitchens have a distinctive Dutch design, giving your outdoor space a stylish look. Whether you opt for a luxury or a more neutral look, our selection of countertops, frames and fronts offer a suitable option for every taste. Find out more about BORLEY's Taste materials.

Refined Dutch design

The design of BORLEY outdoor kitchens is characterised by a combination of minimalist aesthetics and clean lines.

Iron-clad materials

All materials are selected with care. Your BORLEY outdoor kitchen therefore has an attractive appearance and will last for years.

Standard 5-year warranty

Because of the high quality of our materials, we offer a 5-year warranty on every outdoor kitchen.

Inspiring showroom

Be inspired by the diverse styles with an appointment in our showroom. Discover a world of possibilities!

Luxury and quality

The kitchens are designed to provide the ultimate luxury experience for outdoor living.

Flexible components

The flexible elements of a BORLEY outdoor kitchen allow you to cook your own way.

The quality of BORLEY

Our service consists of a personal approach where we take the time to understand your needs. We are happy to think with you to create your outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchens are made of premium materials that can withstand weather and wind. Enjoy years of worry-free cooking in your outdoor kitchen.

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