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A designer tap which appears as an ornament in your outdoor kitchen, refreshing drinks from the refrigerator and sinks that blend into your countertop. With the right accessories, you can create a beautiful outdoor kitchen that you will enjoy for years to come. 

CASO Barbecue Coolers

With a cooler in your outdoor kitchen, you will want to serve chilled drinks at every opportunity. The CASO cooler is manually adjustable from 5 degrees to 20 degrees. This allows you to keep all your beers, bottles of wine or soft drinks at the desired temperature for ultimate refreshment during hot days.

Quooker faucets

A Quooker faucet is known for its convenience and many benefits. These faucets not only provide hot, cold, and boiling water, but with the Quooker Cube you can also enjoy sparkling water. These faucets come in different styles, so there is always a faucet to match your outdoor kitchen. Create a modern and luxurious feel in your outdoor kitchen with Quooker.

Lorreine faucets & sinks

Lorreine is the sink innovator from the Netherlands. Are you looking for a good quality sink or faucet for your outdoor kitchen? Then with the brand Lorreine all your wishes will come true. Lorreine sinks are available in various models and can be incorporated into the countertop in a variety of ways.

Stylish cabinet hardware

Cabinet hardware is not only functional, but also makes a difference in the overall look of your outdoor kitchen. There are many different types of handles, ranging
from sleek, modern designs to more classic, country styles. For a streamlined look, a handle-less outdoor kitchen is also among the options.

Our own collection

At BORLEY, we also have a wide range of our own accessories. These accessories are designed to make outdoor cooking even more enjoyable. Whether you're an experienced chef or just enjoy cooking outdoors, BORLEY accessories offer the perfect combination of style, durability, and functionality.

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Accessories for your outdoor kitchen

With the right accessories, you can tailor your outdoor kitchen to your personal style, needs and taste. In our completed projects, you'll discover examples of ways accessories make a difference in an outdoor kitchen.