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Who we are
Borley has as its core activity the sale and delivery of outdoor kitchens. During the provision of services to customers, we process a serious quantity of personal data. In this privacy statement, we explain how we handle your personal data. 

Contact details
Do you have a question? You can reach us via the following contact details: 
Phone : 0342 220055
e-mail : 
website :
mail address : Briellaerdseweg 32A, 3772TM, Barneveld

Why this statement?
We are responsible for protecting your personal data as well as possible. We thereby have to comply with the requirements of privacy regulations. We want to be transparent about matters such as the types of data we process, the purposes of processing, whom we share data with, and what rights you have with respect to your own data. In this Privacy Statement we inform you concerning. Do you still have questions after reading this document? In that case, do not hesitate to call or e-mail us.   

Types of data
We process all types of data, including personal data. Below we are listing which (personal) data we process in what situations:

  1. When you visit our website - also depending on your choices - personal data of yours may be collected. For this, check our cookie statement on

  2. When you send us a question via the form on the website:
    Contact details (your name, phone number, e-mail address)
    Your question

  3. When you send an appointment form via the website:
    Contact details (your name, place of residence, phone number, e-mail address)
    Your wishes 

  4. When you send a quotation request via the website:
    Contact details (your name, e-mail address, phone number, place of residence)
    Your wishes

  5. When you want to download our so-called Lookbook: taste the outside via the website:
    Your name
    Your e-mail address

  6. When you send us an e-mail:
    Your e-mail address
    The information in your e-mail

  7. When you send us a letter:
    The details of the sender
    The information included further in your letter 

  8. When you visit our establishment and leave your information with us, if you are a customer of ours or request a quotation, we will process the following customer data in our CRM system:
    First and last name 
    Business name 
    Phone number
    E-mail address
    Home number

    1. Customer information, such as:

      1. Deviating delivery or invoicing addresses 

      2. Quotations

      3. Orders

      4. Notes

      5. Appointments in our agenda

      6. Other information you share with us that may be relevant to the orders you grant us 

      7. Correspondence between you and us 

  9. If you are a supplier, or we ask a quotation from you, we process the following supplier data in our CRM system:
    a. Details contact person
    b. Business name
    c. Phone number
    d. A-mail address
    e. Address
    f. Home number
    g. Postcode
    h. Place 
    i. Country

    1. j. Delivery information, such as:
      i. (deviating) invoicing addresses
      ii. Quotations
      iii. Orders
      iv. Notes
      v. Appointments in our agenda
      vi. Other information you share with us that may be relevant to the orders we grant you 
      k. Correspondence between you and us 

  10. When you apply for a job with us, we process the following application information:
    a. Contact details (name, address, postcode, place of residence, phone number, e-mail address)
    b. Your CV
    c. Correspondence with you as an applicant 

  11. If you are a collaborator, we process the following employee data:
    a. Your CV
    b. Contact details (name, address, postcode, place of residence, phone number, e-mail address)
    c. Contact details in case of emergency 
    d. Social security number ('BSN') 
    e. Your sex
    f. Function/salary information 
    g. Training data 
    h. Information regarding performance, such as assessments and/or evaluations 

    1. i. Data regarding illness and reintegration, such as:
      i. 1st and last day of illness 
      ii. Correspondence with health and safety agency 'arbodienst'
      iii. Correspondence with social security agency UWV
      iv. Your illness absenteeism history 
      v. The existence of a no–risk policy
      j. Membership of a professional association 
      k. Copy ID
      l. Driving license if you use a company car 

We naturally observe restraint in collecting personal data and we do so with due diligence.   

Purposes of the processing of data
We process your personal data with an eye on the following activities in our enterprise: 
1. the management and improvement of our website
2. the conducting of correspondence with those who send us messages 
3. the making of offers 
4. the conclusion and implementation of agreements 
5. the (having) managed our customer with (potential) customers and visitors; 
6. the management and expansion of our customer portfolio; 
7. the carrying out of (targeted) marketing and promotional activities and to bring about, maintain, or expand a relationship with a (potential) customer; 
8. compliance with legal obligations; 
9. the forwarding of newsletters or information of a specific nature;
10. the assessment of job applicants;
11. the conclusion and implementation of employment contracts; 
12. the defence of our interests in case of disputes/conflicts. 

Legal grounds for the processing of data
We use at least one of the following grounds for the processing of your personal data: 
1. the implementation of an agreement for the provision of a service or product; 
2. the ability to comply with a legal obligation we are subject to, for example fiscal obligations, obligations vis-a-vis staff, or to comply with legal terms for the conservation of data; 
3. the express permission you have granted us to process data for specific purposes. You can always withdraw this permission; 
4. to defend our legitimate interests in the context of our business operations or those of a third party. We thereby always weigh your interests against ours. Our interests regard, e.g., the diligent implementation of agreements with you, the maintaining and possible expansion of our customer relation. 

Storage and retention term of personal data
We only keep your personal data for as long and to the extent we need them. Type of data  Retention term  Appointment details Maximum one year until after the appointment  Contact details Maximum until one year after the final contact E-mail / letter Maximum until five years after the final contact Customer data  Maximum until five years after the end of the relationship Supplier data  Maximum until five years after the end of the relationship  Job application data  Maximum until 6 months after completion of a job application process Employee data  Maximum until five years after the end of the employment 
In case there are financial and/or administrative data, such as invoices and bank statements, we can retain such data until seven years after the relevant financial year in connection with the so-called fiscal retention obligation. 
In case of an (imminent) dispute, warranty obligations, or (imminent) lawsuit, we can decide to keep the data referred to above for longer. We will then keep the data up to five years after conclusion of the dispute or lawsuit, or until five years after the lapsing of our warranty obligations. 

Information, modification, and objection
You have specific rights with respect to the processing of your personal data. You can always contact us concerning. This certainly applies as well for the following topics: 

  1. whether we process your personal data; 

  2. the manner in which we process your personal data; 

  3. perusal of the personal data of yours we process; 

  4. objections against the processing of your personal data; 

  5. the modification of your personal data if these (possibly) were processed incorrectly; 

  6. restriction of your personal data; 

  7. removal (deletion) of your personal data; 

  8. transfer of your personal data to you or to a different organisation upon your request; 

  9. consultation with our privacy assistant:

Mr : Brand Jan Soetendaal
e-mail :
phone : (0342) 22 00 55

10. questions about the content of this Privacy Statement. 

Attention: it may be we are not able in all cases to grant a request. If this is the case, we will let you know in a motivated manner.  

The security of your data
We have taken adequate technical and organisational measures to secure your personal data. An audit was conducted by an independent third party to verify.

The provision of data to third parties
We do not simply provide your personal data to other parties. We are allowed to do so when you have given us permission to such effect, if we are obliged to do so on grounds of the law or a court order, if it is necessary for the implementation of our agreement, or if the provision serves our purposes for the processing of personal data.   

For the carrying out of our business operations and depending on the services provided, we may, however, supply your personal data to the following persons or parties: 

  1. persons and agencies that must be informed on grounds of a legal obligation; 

  2. suppliers who must be informed on grounds of an agreement because they are involved in the provision of services or products for the purpose of the implementation of an agreement with you;

  3. external parties that process data under our authority and responsibility, such as our IT service provider; 

  4. damage experts (in such case as may occur); 

  5. administrative firm;

  6. notaries, lawyers, accountants (in such case as may occur). 

External parties that process the personal data under our responsibility do so exclusively for purposes and on conditions we have agreed upon with them. We establish this in written agreements.   

Modifications of the Privacy Statement
It may occur that we will modify this Privacy Statement in the future. On our website you can always find the most recent statement. 

Right of complaint
Do you disagree regarding the manner in which we process your personal data or the way in which we handle your rights as a customer? In that case, contact us via our contact person in any event.  You can also submit a complaint to privacy oversight authority 'Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens'. You can find information regarding on   

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More information about cookies?
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