Outdoor Kitchen Configuration

Outdoor kitchen custom-made

Custom-made is equivalent to uniqueness and originality. An outdoor kitchen with your unique signature and desires. A place where you can shine as a cooking enthusiast. Combine colors, elements, countertops and fronts to create an outdoor kitchen that you can be proud of.

Custom-made kitchens

Your outdoor kitchen comes to life with a visit to our showroom. See, touch and compare all the materials to create the combination that perfectly fits you and your garden. Our passionate craftsmen also provide advice on its suitability for your outdoor space. Your taste and ideas, combined with our knowledge and expertise, guarantee a unique outdoor kitchen. Discover it yourself.

Ultimate combination of elements

Elements? Yes! Cabinets, doors, drawers, refrigerators, faucets, countertops, kamados, gas grills, pizza ovens, and much more. All these elements are configured into an outdoor kitchen that meets your desires. In our showroom, you can work with a specialist to endlessly combine these elements until you are 100% satisfied. A BORLEY outdoor kitchen is custom-made for you!

Which cooking type do you prefer?

Bourgondian, Italian, or Thai? Lots of meat or vegetarian? Everything is possible! Opt for an outdoor kitchen with a kamado, gas grill, electric cooktops or pizza oven. What do you prefer?

Want to discover the possibilities?