Kamado Joe makes a better grill

Taste the distinctive flavour of the smoky wood fire in your tenderloin or duck breast. The Kamado Joe is designed to reach and maintain high temperatures. This ensures optimal cooking of meat, fish, vegetables, and pizza. Its functional and robust design gives you the ultimate cooking experience. 

More than a barbecue

Preparing food on a kamado barbecue is originally a Chinese tradition. A kamado can be recognised by its typical egg shape and is made of ceramic, which keeps the temperature constant. You can do everything with this powerhouse: grilling, cold or hot smoking, baking, cooking or slow-cooking. This barbecue turns barbecuing into a unique experience.

Up-grade your cooking experience with accessories

Thanks to its unique features, a Kamado is a real multifunctional barbecue. All these possibilities naturally bring with them various accessories and materials. When you choose a Kamado in your outdoor kitchen, we make sure there is always enough space for your favourite cooking utensils. 

A BORLEY outdoor kitchen with a Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe's motto is: 'Make a better grill!' That's the simple, unwavering standard of quality that applies to all the brand's products. Would you like to discuss your wishes for an outdoor kitchen? Make an appointment in our showroom with our advisers.