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22 February

The Lipman family in Venray opted for a BORLEY outdoor kitchen under the canopy at their pool house. Frans Lipman shares more about this choice and the process, from inspiration to installation. 

Being outside more with a veranda

"A few years ago, we decided to completely renovate the back garden. Including a veranda next to the swimming pool, so that we had a place to sit dry and warm in the evening or off-season. Once the porch was installed, we were not sure how we wanted to decorate it further. After a lot of back-and-forth, we knew we wanted a dining table under the veranda, along with a new outdoor kitchen. Then you have everything on hand to dine with guests and cook at the same time."

BORLEY stood out immediately on Pinterest

"We searched extensively on the internet. If you type in 'outdoor kitchen' on Pinterest, you will find many brands of outdoor kitchens from all over the world. BORLEY stood out immediately because of its beautiful design. We also looked at cheaper kitchens, but you don't get the same feeling. You only make such a purchase once, so you should choose what you really like."

From advice to design

“De volgende stap was een bezoek aan BORLEY om de keukens in het echt te bekijken en definitieve keuzes te maken. Daar hebben we ons project voorgelegd aan Brand-Jan, die ons verder heeft geholpen. Toen het definitieve ontwerp klaar was, kregen we de gedetailleerde bouwtekening, waar bijvoorbeeld op stond aangegeven waar de aan- en afvoer van het water moest komen. Ook stond Brand-Jan klaar om te helpen en hebben we nog een keer gebeld voor advies over de plaatsing van de verlichting. Zo is het uiteindelijk een prachtig plaatje.”

Installation of the BORLEY outdoor kitchen

"Installing the kitchen was easy. Behind the wall of the outdoor kitchen is the installation for the pool, with hot and cold water and electricity. So, we could easily install a barbecue, along with a sink and a fridge for the drinks. We already had a Kamado Joe Type II, which I knew was nice to grill and roast with!"

Slow-cooking: plenty of shared pleasure

"Essentially, I try to use the Big Green Egg every week. It really is a hobby. During the week, I'm already thinking about what I want to make. Then it's time to stock up on stuff and start on Saturday or Sunday morning with cooking. I prefer to make dishes that need to cook for a longer time at a low temperature. Slow cooking. Think spareribs, sea bass in a crust of salt or smoking salmon yourself!"

Stylish enjoyment: outdoor living has never been more enjoyable than now, with our beautiful new outdoor kitchen. We are really proud of it.

Our BORLEY kitchen is really enjoyable

"With us, you are always spoiled with a tasty snack and a good wine. Eating together with friends is especially fun with an outdoor kitchen because you are really part of the group. We have three daughters who live away from home and come over regularly. Then it's, "What's going on the barbecue? Are you making again what you made then?" Those are orders I'm very happy to comply with."

Grilled crostini with burrata, fig & serrano ham