Big Green Egg the original

A winter duck breast, garnished with a warm and spicy sauce that tickles the taste buds. Or a smoked mackerel in enjoyed in summer temperatures, with fragrant dill and lemon zest. An outdoor kitchen with a Big Green Egg allows you to enjoy the tastiest dishes all year round.

The most popular kamado

Big Green Egg is the world's most beloved kamado barbecue. The story of the Big Green Egg begins in 1974, when Japanese and Chinese Kamados were imported to America. Over time, it was decided to perfect the age-old model. Thus, the famous Big Green Egg was born.

Premium ceramics

The Big Green Egg is made of unique ceramics. The ceramic reflects heat and the shape of the barbecue creates a perfect airflow. As a result, your food is evenly cooked at the perfect temperature. All the characteristic flavours come out in the Big Green Egg.

Years of enjoyment

We build your BORLEY outdoor kitchen around the Big Green Egg. For example, our special cabinets are designed for the various sizes of this barbecue. The barbecue is also weatherproof. Whether it is freezing cold or a hot summer day, you can enjoy delicious home-cooked meals for years to come.

A BORLEY outdoor kitchen with a Big Green Egg

With us, quality and luxury come first. We create your outdoor kitchen with the original kamado entirely according to your wishes. Make a no-obligation appointment and visit our showroom, we are happy to think along with you!