Our electric outdoor kitchens

The moment you put a piece of meat, fish or vegetable on the stove is unmatchable. You hear it sizzle and crackle. You smell the savoring aromas of the ingredients. You see colours and textures change. And you taste the flavors you only get when you cook with an electric cooktop. It's a cooking experience you won't want to miss.

Electric cooking with Indu+

Indu+ electric cooktops make outdoor cooking even better. With Indu+, you cook outside in the same way you cook inside. You have all the benefits of a modern electric cooktop while being able to enjoy the fresh, outdoor air. The stoves are designed to provide the perfect cooking experience.

Ease of use, combined with beautiful design

Discover the many functions of Indu+ stoves: wok cooking at high temperatures or grilling on a teppanyaki griddle. Indu+ cooktops excel in stylish design, and they are, above all, of high quality. A wonderful addition to your outdoor kitchen! Visit our showroom and experience for yourself the great ease of induction.

Combining stoves

There are four different Indu+ stoves for various ways of cooking. For example, choose the versatility of the Indu+ Multiflex or the modern style of the Indu+ teppanyaki. Whichever Indu+ cooktop you choose, you are guaranteed a cooking experience that you will always remember.

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Discover our outdoor kitchens with electric cooktop

A BORLEY outdoor kitchen with Indu+ electric cooktop brings you a modern and versatile cooking style. Check out our project page for a taste of the styles and materials of our outdoor kitchens.