Outdoor kitchens cooking types

A BORLEY outdoor kitchen is unique and adds charm and style to your garden. You choose which cooking element you like. Regardless of the element of your choice an outdoor kitchen with kamado barbecue, gas barbecue, electric hobs, or pizza oven. Your BORLEY outdoor kitchen will meet your wishes and needs

Kamado barbecue

At BORLEY, you get the best of the best. If you prefer to barbecue on charcoal, you can opt for a kamado barbecue. A kamado barbecue is suitable for every season. That means enjoying your BORLEY outdoor kitchen all year round.

Gas barbecue

A gas barbecue is quick to heat up and easy to maintain. Turn on the gas and fry away! Great if you decide to barbecue spontaneously. At BORLEY, you can choose from the best gas barbecues and gas hobs from the best brands. Want to know more?

Electrical hobs

Do you like to cook outdoors the way you used to do indoors? Then electric cooking with the Indu+ hobs might be the one for you. All the benefits you are used to from electric, but in the great outdoors!

Pizza oven

Is pizza on your list of favourite foods? Or do you like to gather with family and friends to have a cosy meal together? Then a pizza oven in your own garden is highly recommended. With a pizza oven, you can make the tastiest pizzas in no time at all. And making pizza together is great fun too.