Napoleon: reacquaint yourself with fire

Imagine walking out to your outdoor kitchen and seeing your perfectly set table. You smell the aromas of freshly grilled food, and your eyes wander to the Napoleon Grill that takes centre stage. You feel the warm metal and smile at the thought of the dishes you are serving tonight. With a Napoleon Grill, you can make all your classic grilled dishes, from perfectly grilled burgers to vegetables and fruit.

Complete comfort with Napoleon

Napoleon is proudly committed to total comfort in your outdoor kitchen. All products from the Canadian brand are high quality and long-lasting. The grill barbecues ensure even heat distribution, for a perfect ratio between crispiness and flavour.

Discover new cooking techniques

The Napoleon Grill offers more than just food - it offers an experience for all your senses. Once you learn how to control the temperature, you can create unique flavours every time. With the right techniques, such as using indirect heat, you can enhance the gourmet experience in your own outdoor kitchen.

Choose the Napoleon that suits you

At BORLEY, we have two Napoleon series: the Prestige PRO™ Built-in Series and the integrated 700 Series. The Prestige PRO™ Built-in Series stands for form, function, and luxury all in one package. The integrated 700-Series, stands for stylish durability and unrivalled performance. We would be happy to give you personal advice on which Napoleon grill best suits you.

A BORLEY outdoor kitchen with Napoleon

Napoleon grills transform your outdoor kitchen into a place full of flavour, aroma, and enjoyment. Take the time to experiment with different techniques and ingredients to create a wide selection of delicious dishes. In our showroom, we will be happy to tell you more about the Napoleon barbecues.